Group Classes

        Group classes are fun way for you to learn dancing in relaxed, social, and friendly setting. Enjoy learning technique of your favorite figures among other dance

 enthusiasts just like you. 

Private Lessons

          Ideal for those who want to learn faster, in a more intimate setting or with more personal attention than in Group Classes. In your one-on-one learning experience, we will create dance choreography that is tailored to you and your capabilities. We will focus on improving technical aspects of your dancing (leading and following), as well as infusing it with your own personal style and flare. The result will be a dance that's as unique as you.

Online Lessons

        We also offering online lessons via Zoom or Skype. Enjoy dancing from the comfort and safety of your own home. No hassles, no traffic, just fun and improvement of your dance skills with live one-on-one lessons.